Tourist Places in and around Tiruchendur

Tiruchendur is situated in the coast of Mannar. It is very popular for the seashore temple of Lord Subramanya (Murugan). The temple is one among the six abodes of Lord Subramanya. It is also ideal for sea bathing. Soorasamharam, a reenactment of the victory over Sarapadman, and Kanda Shasti, a devotional song in praise of Lord Muruga are performed at the temple. Naazhi Kinaru, a sacred well fed by a freshwater spring, is located 100 m (330 ft) south of the temple. Devotees undergo a ritual cleansing by bathing in water from the well after bathing in the ocean.

Manapadu is 18 kms from Tiruchendur situated on the seashore of Bay of Bengal. The ancient Roman Catholic Church is here where the Cross is said to have been brought from Jerusalem. There are some small churches. The festival of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is celebrated annually by the Catholic Church on 14 September, as one of thanksgiving for the recovery of the True Cross from the Persians by the great Emperor Heraclius. Fragments of the True Cross were in due course brought from Jerusalem to many churches dedicated to the Holy Cross in the East and West.

Kulasekarapattinam is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Tiruchendur. The famous Mutharamman Temple, which is 300 years old, is located in this place. It is famous for the popular “Dasara” which is celebrated during the Pooja festival. The folk dance artist from all over the state participated in the festival. Kulasekharapatnam the name is derived from pandyan ruler Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan I. Kulasekharapatnam was an ancient port dating to the 1st centuries of the Christian era and was contemporaneous to the existence of Kollam, Cheran Port, another Pandyan port.

Uvari is famous for its Uvari St. Antony's Church, a church dedicated to St. Antony and the deity is believed to Anthonyar, Uvari is the only place in Tamil Nadu that has a St. Antony's church beside the sea. Oovari is famous for the Selvamatha Church which is situated in the coast of Mannar built in with a boat shaped body in the base and the top of the church building looks like aeroplane.

Thoothukudi is an Industrial and Business Centre located at a distance of about 40kms from Tiruchendur. Major industries such as SPIC, Heavy Water Plant, Port Trust and Thermal Plant are located here. It is also called “Pearl City” in view of the pearl fishing being conducted periodically. The city is also famous for the production of salt. It is also called as "Sea Gateway of Tamil Nadu".

Tirunelveli is located at a distance of 40 kms from Tiruchendur. The famour river Thamirabarani flows through this city. It is famous for the “Nelliappar Temple”. Tirunelveli is also known for halwa, a sweet made of wheat, sugar and ghee. The word Tirunelveli is derived from three Tamil words: thiru, nel and veli, meaning "sacred paddy hedge".

Kourtallam is nearly 100 kms from Tiruchendur. It is situated at an elevation of 167 metres on the Western Ghats. Season starts in the month of July and ends in September. There are nearly nine falls namely, Main falls, Five falls, Old falls, Tiger falls, Chitaruvi, Shenbagadevei falls, Honey falls, Fruit Form falls and new falls. The falls water of Courtallam have medicinal effect and lot of herbs are available.

Papanasam is nearly 80 kms from Tirunelveli. This holy place is on the Western Ghats of Pothigai Hills. A Dam located here is a beautiful picnic spot. Agasthiar Falls where the Lord Siva and Parvathi appeared before the great Saint “Agasthiya” is also situated here.

Tourist Places in and around Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari At the Southern most tip of India, where the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean meet, lies Kanyakumari an important pilgrim centre. Kanyakumari is famous for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets especially on full moon days. This picture is a view of Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandar Rock.

Gandhi Memorial for the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, has been built on the spot where the urn containing his ashes was kept for the public to pay their last respects, before immersing at the confluence of the three seas. The sun’s rays fall on memorial through a narrow orifice exactly on the spot where the ashes where kept, only once a year on October 2nd (Mahatmas’s Birthday). Truly a testimony to modern architecture.

Swami Vivekananda Rock a grand memorial to the great Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda. It is on one of the twin rocks jutting out from the sea about 200 meters from offshore. There is a Dhyana Mandapam where one can sit in a serene atomosphere and meditate. And also the boat club from where you can sail to reach the rock.

Suchindram The Thanumalayan Temple here is a repository of art treasures. Musical Pillars and huge 18 feet Hanuman Statue are the proof of the artistic skill of the time. The unique temple is dedicated to the Trimurthys Vishnu, Siva and Brahma. Two chief attractions are the gigantic Hanuman and Vinayaki (Female Vinayaka).

Muttam another fine beach located about 40 kms from Kanyakumari. The picturesque setting here with the lighthouse, is perfect spot for relaxation.

Mukkudal a natural dam constructed by Chitirai Maharaja. It supplies water to Nagercoil Municipality. It is very picturesque spot and ideal for picnics by groups.

Padmanabhapuram Palace capital of Travancore until 1798 A.D. It is situated at a distance of 37 kms from Kanyakumari. There is a Palace inside the fort which covers an area of 6 acres.

Thirparappu Water falls ’Thirparappu’ means a pavilion of beauty and sacredness. The panoramic view of the shrine with green hills and the perennial river Kodayur running in front of the shrine, is really fascinating and attractive. The sparkling water falls is a rich feast for the eyes. It is located 70 kms away from Kanyakumari