The year 1999 witnessed the grand entry of SivaMurugan Group of Lodges into the Hospitality Industry with the motive of serving the pilgrims of our country, two historically important locations where chosen in south TamilNadu, namely Tiruchendur the only place in the whole of India where Lord Muruga on the shore of the Bay of Bengal and Kanyakumari – a place of historical and religious significance where all the three seas amalgamate and synthesize into a single entity inviting Humanity to experience Divinty. In both these places, Tiruchendur and Kanyakumari, SivaMurugan Lodges are situated majestically in ideal and safe locations where one can experience the cool sea breeze and get enthralled by the cosmic music of the dancing waves.

Phone Booking:

  1. Sivamurugan Lodging A/c: 98421 51455
  2. Sivamurugan Mini Lodging A/c: 98421 09255